Make Your Next Hand “A Sure Bet” – Helpful Hints For Blackjack

Blackjack (3)Blackjack is a strategy-based game that is fun and challenging for gamers of every skill level! For this week’s post, we’re going to give you a few helpful hints on how to make you next hand a “sure bet”.

  1. Adhere to The Rules Of The Game/House: Before sitting down at any table, make sure you know the rules of the game/house. Violations of these rules can not only lead to a player being asked to leave the table, but could also result in the player being asked to leave the establishment.
  2. Establish a Limit & Stick to It: Always predetermine your spending limit prior to playing. Establishing a limit prevents you from spending money in the heat of the moment and regretting it later.
  3. Learn & Play Basic Strategy: Learning when to hit, stand, split and double down (basic strategy) is a Blackjack (10)must. The memorization and implementation of the Blackjack Strategy Guide will allow you to cut the house edge from approximately 1 to 2 percent to .5 percent. Once you have a grasp on the concepts behind this strategy, try testing out your new skills with Island Online’s “Pro-Blackjack” game! Play up to $5,000 per hand and play as many as five hands simultaneously. As they say… practice makes perfect!
  4. Don’t Drink Too Much: Too many adult beverages may make it difficult for you to make sound decisions. As a game that requires just as much thought as skill, you’ll want to be sharp and playing at your best.. Don’t ruin it for yourself by over indulging!
  5. Have Fun: Blackjack is all about fun and entertainment and we encourage all of our guests to game responsibly! If gaming is no longer entertainment for you or someone you know, help is available. For 24 hour access to information and confidential referrals, please call the Michigan Problem Gaming Hotline at 800-270-7117.

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