The Island Un-Dead Social Media Promotion

The Walking Dead ™have made their way to the Island! Thanks to leading games and systems supplier Aristocrat Technologies, zombies have begun taking over casinos across the country in its new slot game, The Walking Dead™. Based on AMC’s series of the same name, The Walking Dead™ slot game is the only slot game where it pays to play dead!

AT-13-008743_TWD-300x250-WebBanner_REDTo celebrate the arrival of The Walking Dead™ slot game (we’ll be blogging about the game itself in more detail next week) the Island Resort & Casino is proud to announce the launch of the “Island Un-Dead” social media promotion where one of our socialites will be named as “Patient Zero” and awarded not only bragging rights, but a Walking Dead™ slot game prize package as well!

The Zombie Apocalypse Has Arrived

If you’ve watched the show (or any zombie flick for that matter) than you know that the chances of any human surviving the zombie apocalypse is slim to none… On the other hand… the chance of a zombie surviving the zombie apocalypse is what we in the gaming industry like to call “a sure bet”.

Because we care about our “socialites” and really want to see them survive the zombie apocalypse that is currently sweeping casinos nationwide, we are asking you, our social media fans to “zombify” yourselves and become a member of the “Island Un-Dead”! Remember, strength in numbers is the key here!

Because the zombie apocalypse doesn’t discriminate… neither will we! To guarantee the survival of as many of our “socialites” as possible, we will be running this promotion through the following social media platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Let The Transformation Begin

To participate in this promotion, you will need to transform yourself into a member of the “Island Un-Dead”. To do this, simply download any mobile application that will allow you “zombify” a photo of yourself.  Once you have an app downloaded, snap a selfie and let the transformation begin! Once you’re happy with the “new you” save your photo to your mobile device and prepare to join the “Island Un-Dead”!

A Membership With No Strings Attached… Literally!

To become an official member of the “Island Un-Dead” you’re going to need to upload and submit your “zombified selfie” to one of the social media platforms listed above! Submissions will be accepted beginning on Sunday, February 9th and will be accepted through Sunday, March 2nd. All submissions must be posted on their respective sites by no later than 9:00 PM Eastern Time on Sunday, March 2nd. 

To ensure that we recognize your submission, please follow the submission guidelines below!

  • Facebook: Fan us on Facebook and upload your “zombified selfie” directly to the Island Resort & Casino’s Facebook Page at When uploading your photo to our Facebook page, please  include the following hashtag with your post: #IRC-UNDEAD
  • Twitter: Follow us on Twitter and upload your “zombified selfie”. Tweet your submission directly to the Island Resort & Casino @IslandResortMI. Be sure to include the following hashtag in your tweet: #IRC-UNDEAD
  • Instagram: Follow us on Instagram and upload your “zombified selfie”. Tag the Island Resort & Casino in your photo islandresortandcasino. Be sure to include the following hashtag with your photo  #IRC-UNDEAD

Now that your submission is live err un-dead… you’ll need the assistance of your family and friends in your quest to not only be named “Patient Zero” but to score that Walking Dead™ slot game prize package as well. Once your submission has been posted to the site of your choice, encourage your family and friends to find your submission and “Like” or “Favorite” it depending on what platform it was submitted on. The Facebook, Twitter & Instagram submission with the most number of “Likes” or “Favorites” by 9:00 PM Eastern Time on Sunday, March 2nd will advance on to our final round which will take place during the week of March 3rd.

Selecting Patient Zero

On Monday, March 3rd, the top three submissions (1 from Facebook, 1 from Twitter, 1 from Instagram) will be displayed on the Island Resort & Casino’s Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages.  The top three submissions will have until Sunday, March 9th at 5:00 PM Eastern Time to collect as many “Likes” and “Favorites” as they can across the three social media platforms. The submission with the most combined “likes” and “favorites” will be deemed “Patient Zero” and named as the winner of the “Island Un-Dead” Social Media Promotion. The winner will be announced on our social media sites on Sunday, March 9th at 9:00 PM Eastern Time.

 Now For The Fine Print…..

By participating in this promotion, you give the Island Resort & Casino permission to display your photo. Please note that this promotion is subject to change at management’s discretion and finally, this promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by or associated with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


REWARD OFFERED: Walkers Beware Be Aware!

As an added bonus, those who are participating in our Island Un-Dead” social media promotion are invited to bring a copy of their “zombified selfie” to the Island Club for a kiosk visit and a chance to win $1,000 cash or other casino offers.

On your next visit to the Island, be sure to try out the The Walking Dead™ slot game for yourself! Walkers beware though… Zombie Hunters (aka Island Club Staff) will be patrolling the machines from time to time and if they catch you playing The Walking Dead™ slot game, they will reward you with a kiosk visit for your chance to win $1,000 cash or other casino offers. While you’re onsite, try out our new and improved slot tournaments. Our fast-paced tournaments are a perfect way to get in shape for the zombie apocalypse and as an added bonus, participants will receive a kiosk visit for a chance to win cash & prizes! These offers are valid February 9th thru March 9th only!

The Walking Dead © 2013 AMC Film Holdings LLC. All Rights Reserved/
Licensed by Aristocrat. 2013 Aristocrat Technologies Australia Pty Limited.


  1. I love the show

    Posted: February 7, 2014 at 7:49 am by Christopher R Mistele

  2. I am a MAJOR WALKING DEAD FAN!!! TOTTALLY loving this.I will be submitting a”WALKER” photo soon!! Can’t wait to drive up north and play the game!!! Bravo Is and casino!!!

    Posted: February 7, 2014 at 8:03 pm by Tammy Hartwig

  3. I’ve been watching from the begining with my sons GREAT SHOW!!!

    Posted: February 12, 2014 at 4:51 pm by Laurie Anderson

  4. How exciting! Not only am I a die-hard Walking Dead fan but any casino game that is “theme” orientated are always my favorite!! Lord of the Rings WAS my addiction…Way too excited to now play a Walking Dead game…Island Casino here I come!!!!

    Posted: February 21, 2014 at 10:36 am by Kristina Koski

  5. I was there last week and played it!!! Omg was it awesome:) can’t wait to play again!!!

    Posted: February 27, 2014 at 7:46 pm by Christin Compton

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