The Best Things in Life are Free – April 2015

Check out our complimentary entertainment for the month of April!

Lounge Entertainment
Wednesdays thru Saturdays 8:30 PM to 1:15 AM
Club Four One

April 3rd –  April 4th

Asphalt Cowboy
April 8th – April 11th

2nd Hand Band
April 15th – April 18th

The Cadillacs
April 24th & 25th


Comedy Nights
Sundays at

7:00 PM

Club Four One

Comedian Nathan Timmel

Comedian Nathan Timmel

April 5th

Nathan was the only child running around the playground shouting the “Seven Dirty Words You Can’t Say On Television.”  Thus began his comedy career.  Since those auspicious beginnings, Nathan has:  performed at comedy clubs across the country, recorded several comedy CD’s which receive regular airplay on both Sirius and XM satellite radio, and visited the nationally-syndicated Bob and Tom Show several times.

Comedian Jersey

Comedian Jersey

April 12th

Jersey is known as the “Hot Comic”. He is filled with energy and upbeat at all times. Jersey speaks from the heart and breaches the gap between old generations and new generations. He is a different act with a bright future. He has had the opportunity to tour with Jeff Dunham, and has also featured for Tracy Morgan, Robert Schimmel, Charlie Murphy, Mo’nique, Chris Tucker, Ralphie May and many more. Audiences across the nation agree that Jersey the Hot Comic is the Haitian Sensation.


Comedian Bryan Cork

Comedian Bryan Cork
April 19th

Bryan was born in Georgia & would like to tell you he was born on the back of a melon truck, or while his parents were squirrel hunting. But then you wouldn’t be reading this because he would have his own version of ‘Duck Dynasty’ and he would be a big reality star. Unfortunately, it was nothing quite as exotic as that. Bryan was born in a military hospital because his Dad was in the Army. They soon moved back to the suburbs of Chicago where his formative years were spent. Bryan started his journey in to comedy early. Now he tours the country sharing his unique brand of clean humor and clever stories about deer hunting, tech support, and how Pictionary can ruin Thanksgiving. He will leave you, and your audience roaring with laughter.


Comedian Carmen Morales

Comedian Carmen Morales

Comedian Carmen Morales
April 26th

Carmen Morales has developed a captivating style which incorporates quick wit and outlandish characters. Taking from family, friends and even people from the unemployment line. She transforms into these characters seamlessly and adds hilarious commentary which leaves the audience doubled over in laughter. Her set is relatable and exciting to all viewers, making her well received to any crowd at any venue.

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