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Lounge Entertainment
8:30 PM to 1:15 AM


Michael Stacey Band

Michael Stacey was born in the small southern town of Hahira, Georgia and spent most of his childhood traveling due to his father’s occupation. Early on, Michael was influenced by an array of performers, from traditional country artists such as George Jones and Randy Travis, to popular rock, folk, and Motown acts of the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. As an adult, he found his way back to Georgia to settle down not far from his birthplace. In his mid twenties, Michael began playing local clubs throughout South Georgia. Persistency and hard work enabled Michael to record his first studio demo in 2000. Some months later, Michael took the advice of a record executive, and set out for Nashville, Tennessee. In no time at all, Michael began to record the earliest tracks his debut album, “After the Storm”, which was released July 2001.

Michael jumped right into promoting his music heavily with television, radio, print, and most importantly, a top-notch live show. Over the past few years the Michael Stacey Band has traveled the U.S. performing at various venues and sharing the stage with such popular acts as Diamond Rio, Brad Paisley, Wynonna, Neal McCoy, and Lonestar, just to name a few. The Michael Stacey Band even opened for Michael’s childhood hero, George Jones. Michael sums it up by saying, “It’s a blessing to entertain for a living. I appreciate my family’s support and all of the folks who take the time to stop and listen to the music.”


Lounge Entertainment - Manny B

December 8-10
Manny B Band

These four musicians comprise one of the Midwest’s premier show bands. Their stellar showmanship and musical abilities bring audiences to standing ovations.

Manny B. has formulated a blend of comedy, audience participation, soulful rock, and rhythm & blues into a unique entertainment package.

From his years in Las Vegas to his performing all over Europe and the Orient, Manny B. has all the tools to make any gathering an evening full of fun and laughter. His own unique interpretation as the incomparable “Tina Turner”, will make you laugh ’til it hurts.


Lounge Entertainment - Tyler Stephens

December 15-17
Tyler Stephens Band

Tyler is a country music singer/songwriter from Eastern Kentucky who performs over 150 tour dates per year and has had the honor to work with some of the best songwriters, publishers, and musicians in the business. He strives to create music that the listener can relate to and live by. Songs that speak the truth and tell the listener what he stands for and believes in.

Tyler was born on September 9, 1992 In Martin, Kentucky. Martin lays nestled in the beautiful mountains of Southeastern Kentucky only minutes from the well known Country Music Highway, US 23. This area, known for turning out country music greats such as Keith Whitley, Billy Ray Cyrus, Dwight Yoakam, Loretta Lynn, Patty Loveless, and Ricky Skaggs (to name a few) has held true to form and has produced yet another great artist whose name will remain synonymous with country music for years to come.

Tyler was introduced to music at a very early age. His grandmother claimed that keeping a stereo player in the house during Tyler’s childhood was impossible. Tyler being a child in the cassette tape era knows what real country music is. At only 3 or 4 years old Tyler would visit his grandmothers daily to “punch the buttons” on the cassette player. But, “punching buttons” lead to strumming the guitar or shall we say beating the guitar. Tyler’s mother claimed she is lucky to have hearing left. She reported that over the years, Tyler has had every instrument imaginable in the house. Drums, Bass, Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Banjo, Harmonicas, and who knows what else. But, the guitar always seemed to wind up on top. She reports in the beginning she needed a pair of earplugs but over time and on into Tyler’s high school years she began to see the improvements that eventually one day struck her by surprise when she seen Tyler perform his first show.

Now at only 22 years old, Tyler has set his sights on a successful musical career and never plans to look back. With countless performances behind him, Tyler looks forward to sharing his songs and love of music with listeners for many years to come.

Tyler said a lot of people always ask him, “How have you made it this far in the business, at such a young age?” his reply is, “A lot of hard work; but, mainly I have family, friends, and fans to thank for everything.”  Tyler realizes the importance of his fans and strives to make them feel important at all times. He understands that they are the reason he can make a living doing what he loves. Tyler always takes the time after every show to meet and greet with every fan that wishes to meet him. Tyler concentrates on fans not being a number; but, building relationships with them.

Songs from Tyler’s album like “Freedom Don’t Come Free” are a prime example of the music Tyler stresses to deliver to fans. “Freedom Don’t Come Free” was released nationwide in October 2012 to more than 2200 radio stations in order to support Tyler’s vision of raising awareness to our veterans.  Since the release “Freedom Don’t Come Free” has became a great success for Tyler. The words “Freedom Don’t Come Free” have struck listeners all over the country to pay attention to why we are the land of the free.

Holding true to his heritage Tyler is already well known for his straight from the heart traditional country vocals, hauntingly reminiscence of his idol, Keith Whitley. Every artist can identify an idol that has inspired them musically. It comes unusual that Tyler’s idol, Keith Whitley was born less than an hour away from Tyler’s home place. There literally must be something in the water from this region to produce this enormous amount of talent. If you love country music then you owe it to yourself to check out its newest rising star!


Lounge Entertainment - Bear Creek Band

December 22-24
Bear Creek Band

Bear Creek is an “extreme” variety band with an excellent female vocalist that covers popular hits ranging from Lady Antebellum to Lady GaGa. The Bear Creek Band features: Dawn Marie Metzger – Vocals, J Owen Smith – Lead Guitar & Vocals, Jess Ramel – Drums & Vocals and Dan Callan – Keyboards, Key Bass, & Vocals.



December 30-31
Runaway Train


Island Showroom (18) (1024x683)

Comedy Night
Sundays 7:00 PM
Club Four One


 larry xl headshot
December 4

Comedian Larry XL
Larry XL is ready to entertain and guaranteed to make you laugh. He is a favorite with audiences from the Bahamas to Canada. Since starting out in Baltimore in 2003, Larry XL regularly performs in the nation’s best comedy clubs & casinos (and anywhere else with electricity) opening for the likes of John Witherspoon, Jim Florentine, Roy Wood Jr., and Charlie Murphy.  In 2012 Larry XL made his acting debut appearing in the film Elf-Man.  He has also been heard on Sirius XM Radio.


Comedian Bill Gorgo

December 11
Bill Gorgo
Bill sets the tone with his sit-down storytelling. With Bill, the audience feels comfortable as they get a whiff of Chicago. He runs through stories of Growing up Catholic, raising a daughter, approaching the dating world…Bill makes audiences appreciate the possibilities– and hilarity — of maturity.”


brian green new

December 18
Brian Green
With quick wit and improvisational skills, Brian’s timing is impeccable. Brian is a witty and animated humorist who delivers uniquely hilarious comedy. Much of his material deals with the differences and observations of today’s world through the eyes of a cynic.  Brian is popular among fans of all ages.  Brian has opened for celebrity comedians including Sinbad, Andrew Dice Clay, Billy Gardell, Drew Carey and Robin Williams.


Comedian Dobie Maxwell

December 25
Dobie Maxwell
Bizarre luck and horrendous timing have followed Dobie since his birth.  Dobie has developed over the years into a strong and seasoned live performer who now headlines his own shows. His energy on stage and ability to vanquish hecklers are legendary. He has long been a “comic’s comic”, but he has finally realized that its CUSTOMERS that pay cash for tickets, not other comics.


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