The Best Things in Life are Free – April 2017

Check out our complimentary entertainment for the month of April in Club Four One.

Lounge Entertainment - White Ties

April 6-8
8:30 PM – 1:15 AM
White Ties

Veteran entertainers from the Midwest with a high energy, dynamic, fun filled show that is a perfect choice for your casino, club or festival. Featuring a brother-sister duo with a blend of extraordinary vocals, soaring guitar leads and a rockin rhythm section reminiscent of The Eagles.

Mickey White Mitchell  – Vocals, Keys. Mickey is half of the brother sister duo that fronts The White Ties. A singer – songwriter extraordinaire, and a passionate artist and performer with such bands as Marshall Star and The Nielsen White Band, Mickey holds the audience in the palm of her hand. Her confident and professional style makes her a musical force to be reckoned with and a perfect compliment to the rest of the band.

Jack White – Bass, Vocals. Jack spent many years as a founding member and leader of Wisconsin’s legendary The Nielsen White Band. The band toured nationwide, placed two songs on the Billboard Country Singles charts, saw their music videos on TNN, CMT, performed live on Nashville now and were named The Minnesota Music Academy’s Country Band of the Year. In 2010 Nielsen White was inducted into the Mid-America Music Hall OF Fame. As bassist, Jack adds rock solid rhythm, lead and harmony vocals, and a wealth of immeasurable experience to the group.

Ricky Lee Waggoner – Guitars, Vocals. Ricky hails from Milwaukee, WI. where he has played a major role in many popular Wisconsin bands for the past decade, culminating in a pair of Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI) awards in 2008 and 2009 for his work with Geoff Landon and the Wolfpack. With a tireless work ethic and years of advanced education, his artistry and expert craftsmanship on the guitar have no limits.  A dedicated teacher as well as an avid student, Rick opened the Rick Waggoner School of Guitar in June of last year.

Jess Ramel – Drums, Vocals. Jess adds the heart and soul to The White Ties.  When you look back and see Jess’s infectious smile beaming from behind his drum kit, his attitude soars through the room. His spot on tempos and fills make the music come to life and you know nobody is having a better time than Jess.  Jess is from northern Wisconsin also, and has been a mainstay in many bands coming out of the area.


Jake Gill

April 13-15
8:30 PM – 1:15 AM
Jake Gill

Growing up in Kansas, Jake Gill has fond memories of spending time with his grandfather on the family farm. Listening to music was a huge part of that upbringing – particularly on 1070 AM, the legendary frequency of radio powerhouse KFDI. “My grandpa was the one that really exposed me to country music,” Gill recalls. “I remember when I was a sixth grader, and he would let me drive the tractor around the farm. We’d hear all the old-time greats like Hank and Willie.” But, music had already taken a hold in Gill’s imagination long before that. “My dad was a music teacher when I was young. I have photos of me in a bean bag chair while listening to whatever he had playing on the record player. My mom tells the story of my dad directing a band concert, and I was standing on her lap directing right along.”

Later in his formative musical years came a man who would become one of his biggest musical influences – Garth Brooks. Gill says that changed everything. “Garth was on the edge. There was a bit of controversy with him, because he was so new and so different. He brought the honky tonk bar scene to a larger audience. That was something I had never seen before. He wasn’t just a singer, he was and is a performer.”

Gill brings that raw energy and charisma to his brand new single, “Tailgate Tradition.” Connecting with both radio listeners and fans that come to see him in concert is important to him – regardless of what era or walk of life they come from. “You can connect with someone and not even know it. It might be through one of your songs, and they may relate to it in a way you never imagined. I like to make a physical connection, through eye contact or pulling them out of the audience and sharing a dance with them – whether it be an 80 year old or a 2-year old. I think that’s what really drives me as a performer.”

Though Gill admits there is no place he would rather be today, his road to a musical career began relatively later than most. He focused on studies in college, obtaining his degree, and establishing his own chiropractic office in Hutchinson, Kansas. Jake had done some performing around the area – namely at local Churches – but it wasn’t until his early 30s that he considered giving music his all as a career.

Then, an audition for one of America’s biggest television shows cemented his career goals. He recalls that he was still a little unsure of music as a vocation, but trying out for “The Voice” gave him clear focus on his music. “After that, I started to think ‘You know what? I can do this.” Hard at work on his fourth album, Gill had a hand in either writing or co-writing every song on each of his albums. He says that as a songwriter, he loves telling a story – especially if it is his. “I like to write from experience – something I have lived through myself.

As a performer, Gill qualifies as a “road warrior,” with a full slate of dates on his schedule. He has also worked the stage with such musical heavyweights as Jake Owen, Easton Corbin, and Chris Cagle. But, there’s one performer and stage that stands head and shoulders above them all.  “I won a songwriting contest, and that got me on the main stage at Country Stampede, and I opened up for Jason Aldean,” he recalls, claiming that night made him more confident than ever in his approach to entertaining a crowd. “By far, that was my greatest experience musically. It was very surreal. I still remember being up there in front of 50,000 people, and I wasn’t nervous,” he recalls with a smile.

Now, standing on a platform to increase awareness for the dire need of thousands of foster homes across America, Jake has teamed up with TFI Family Services and Connections for a fantastic lineup of dates in 2016. Make no mistake about it, Jake Gill is doing what he is meant to do, and he’s going to take it as far as he can. “People tell me sometimes that I must be running with the angels, because everything seems to just work out. A lot of that is true. I think I am doing what God wants me to do. I also know that I work really hard. I’m a believer in hard work. I think it pays off.”


Marshall Star Band

April 20-22
8:30 PM – 1:15 AM
Marshall Star Band

Even as musicians come & go Marshall Star has not lost any talent or integrity. Continuing a two decade long tradition of great music. Marshall Star’s originals, classic/current country and variety music keep them a top professional performance for any venue.



April 28-29
8:30 PM – 1:15 AM
Norton/Chartier & Co.


Kirk Bogos new Headsot

April 2
7:00 PM
Comedian Kirk Bogos

Kirk grew up on the streets in South Philadelphia which is where the roots of his comedy come from.  His comedy spin looks at the very simple things that happen to us all every day from a slightly cockeyed point of view. Kirk contends that it’s easy to be funny when you’ve survived the 60’s and 70’s, did all the drugs you were supposed to, been married 4 times, been fired by President Reagan as an Air Traffic Controller AND actually owns a copy of the record album, “Leonard Nemoy’s Greatest Hits.”  All he needs is a microphone and a stage and a few people to laugh with him.  Kirk has appeared in the Marvel blockbuster, “The Avengers” and you can hear him daily on XM/Sirius Satellite’s “Raw Dog Comedy” channel.


lang parker new pic

April 9
7:00 PM
Comedian Lang Parker

Lang Parker is the funniest farm girl to hit the comedy circuit in a long time.  Audiences are doubling over with laughter when she tells how hard it is to be feminine when raised by a backwoods father and three brothers. Her idea of playing Barbie was to string her from a tree and shoot at her with a BB gun.  During appearance was on NBC “The Last Comic Standing”. Judge Buddy Hackett said to me, “You’re a star.” Then the son of a gun went and died on me. Now I can’t even put him in my DVD. This talented actress and comedian has established herself as a genuine and likeable voice in the entertainment business.


coleman green hi res headshot

April 16
7:00 PM
Comedian Coleman Green

Don’t miss the next comedian to emerge from Philadelphia’s comedy scene – Coleman Green. Follow Coleman’s edgy comedic adventures, as he unveils his life, loves, family and the world in a style that has audiences all over “cracking the hell up”. Coleman is definitely stardom on the rise.


scotty white pic

April 23
7:00 PM
Comedian Scotty White

A native of Dearborn, MI, Scotty White has spent the last eight years honing his stand-up comedy act among the many talented comics in Houston, TX. Scott has worked on comedy stages across the country with both the BEST and worst comedians in the business. He has also had the pleasure of entertaining our troops in Korea, Japan and Guam. You can also hear Scotty’s CD, “Dirty White Boy”, on XM Satellite Radio. This high-energy comic still leaves the audience hysterical with laughter when heading out the exit door!


Halli Borgfjord pic (1280x977)

April 30th
7:00 PM
Comedian Halli Borgfjord

Halli Borgfjord is a comedian and writer based in Los Angeles. A first-generation Icelander who was raised in Michigan, Halli has been seen on AXS Live TV and heard on the nationally syndicated Bob & Tom Radio Show, XM satellite radio, and on his album “Have you been Borgfjorded Lately?” which debuted at #2 on iTunes Comedy. Over the years Halli has performed all across North America and made his way to being a regular at the best clubs in LA. Additionally, he has performed at numerous comedy festivals most notably the Laugh Your Asheville Off Festival, the inaugural Big Sky Comedy Festival, and the Cabo Comedy Festival where he was a finalist in the Jack Rollins rising-star showcase. In addition to stand-up, Halli studied sketch and improv at the UCB Theatre in Los Angeles.

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