August Brewery of The Month – Alpha Michigan Brewing Company

Brewery of the Month in August

The Alpha Michigan Brewing Company was incorporated in 2017 and opened on Memorial Day weekend in 2018. They are dedicated to brewing with a purpose and support numerous community fundraiser and local businesses. The brewery is located in the former Porter School bus garage, which was later the Alpha-Mastodon Fire department garage/office, and finally, before being transformed into the brewery , the Alpha General Store. Their motif is historical in nature and they are proud to provide a family friendly environment.

Enjoy five select brews from Alpha Brewing Company all month long in August exclusively at 5 Bridges Pub!

Bears’ Cave IPA: A decidedly hoppy and bitter, moderately strong American pale ale. The balance is hop forward with a clean supporting malt allowing the hop character to shine through! A prominent hop aroma featuring citrus and pine is characteristic of this ale. A remarkably clear deep orange color with a medium high hop bitterness prevails over the subtle malt backbone. 7.1% ABV

Naughty School Girl Ale: A clean, flavorable American “lawnmower” beer! Easily drinkable and refreshing with character typical of American lagers! Low malt tones with sweet, corn-like aroma. Hope aroma low with subtle floral and herbal notes! 5.1% ABV

Brule River Red: An amber, moderately hoppy craft brew with caramel, malty flavor! Light hop aroma from Cascade hops complements the caramel sweetness and hop flavor/bitterness can linger somewhat into the medium to full finish. BRR is made with a blend of malted barley and several caramel malts. 6.7% ABV

Porter School Porter: A substantial, malty dark beer with complex and flavorful dark character. Medium dark malt aroma with a slight burnt character! Sweetness derived by using locally sourced maple syrup priot to kegging! 6.7% ABV

Krystal Koelsch: Light in body with a soft mouthfeel and a straw yellow color. It has a spicy, Herbal Noble hop biterness that has a slight to medium assertiveness – less than a Pilsner but not by much. Somewhat fruity with a crisp dry-ish finish. Clean and clear with great drinkability! 5.0% ABV

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