A Fresh Start To The New Year

A Fresh Start To The New Year

Reuben Poppers

Reuben Poppers

The end of 2013 brought about one of the most highly anticipated changes within our Food & Beverage Department. On December 27th, guests were treated to a brand new dining experience in the Firekeeper’s Restaurant with the release of the venue’s new breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. A complete revision of the venue’s offerings, the new menu was the result of the efforts put forth by Executive Chef, Jay Fehl and his team in the Firekeeper’s Kitchen. The new menu was designed to not only keep the venue’s offerings in line with our guest’s demands but to also offer a unique spin on each menu option by creating a “signature taste” that we anticipate will place the Firekeeper’s Restaurant leagues beyond any other casual dining establishment.
What Does The New Menu Look Like?
The new menu is more condensed than its predecessor but for good reason… quality over quantity. Think about it like this, an average casual dining establishment typically has a five to seven page menu which probably contains 70+ menu options. However, out of those 70+ menu options, more than likely only a handful of those items are going to be considered “signature” or specialty items.
3 Pig Sandwich

3 Pig Sandwich

As we mentioned before, the new Firekeeper’s menu was designed to keep the venue’s offerings in line with our guest’s demands. While we can’t deny that quantity is an essential component of one’s dining experience, we wanted to construct a menu that comprised of nothing but “signature” items.
It’s easy to have a good menu with a little bit of great but a menu with nothing but “greats” is what transforms the average dining experience into a “total dining experience”.
Quality: The Key Ingredient In A Recipe For Success
For our regular guests, the overall design and content of the new menu will be the most recognizable change. However, the most prominent change in the new menu won’t be discovered by our guests until they receive their meals! To date, the key ingredient in the success of the new Firekeeper’s menu has been quality. When we talk about quality, we’re not just referring to the end product that our guests experience. A true labor of love, Chef Jay Fehl and his team has intricately woven the concept of quality into every aspect of the new menu. From the ingredients of each menu option to the way each individual dish is prepared, quality is the driving force behind the new menu.
Chefs Choice Atlantic Salmon

Chefs Choice Atlantic Salmon

The following are some of the most notable ways in which the concept of quality has been woven into the menu:

  • The use of fresh ingredients (fruits, vegetables, seasonings, spices, etc) over canned or boxed ingredients
  • The sauces and dressings used throughout the menu are house-made
  • Pasta dishes are created only as ordered; sauces are not produced in advance but are created only when ordered

While the above concepts go unseen by our dining guests, we felt it was too important not to mention as these practices add to the quality of the final product.
We hope we’ll be seeing you soon at the Firekeeper’s Restaurant! If you want to check out the menu for yourself, you can view it on our website by clicking on the link below! For those who would like to view a small photo gallery of our new menu options, be sure to check out our Firekeeper’s Restaurant Pinterest Board on our official Pinterest Page.


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