All Roads Lead To The Island

Group Tours (2)The Group Tour Programs is a facet of the Island Resort & Casino that has truly stood the test of time! In December of 1998, the Island began welcoming group tours from all over the Midwest. Some eight years later in January of 2006 the Island welcomed its 50,000th group tour. Flash forward to the present day where our Group Tour Program is stronger than ever as it now hosts over 100 different tour companies from around the Midwest. As the analogy goes…. our Group Tour Program is like a fine wine, only getting better with age!
What Is a Group Tour Program?
The Group Tour Program at the Island is the name given to facet of the resort that is charged with the care of those guests arriving to our property via chartered tour.  Our Group Tour Department is led by our Group Tour Manager (Jill) and our Group Tour Coordinator (Cheryl). Much like the Wizard of Oz, they are the women behind the curtain that our guests rarely see. The Group Tour Manager and Coordinator’s primary responsibility is working with the various tour operators to arrange their pre-travel needs (arrival times, luggage handling, rooming specifics, departures, special events, etc).
While the Group Tour Manager and Coordinator handle those arrangements made out of view from the guests, staff of Island Club are the individuals responsible for handling those arrangements that take place in full view of our guests (greeting the motor coach, issuing packages, answering questions about the resort, etc).
What Is The Package For Group Tours Include?
Perhaps the biggest draw to our Group Tour Program is our package. As one of the most competitive packages in the Midwest, our Group Tour Program provides an endless array of valuable benefits to our guests. The Group Tour Package is an incentive based – promo cash package and is unique to each guest as it is based on their play from previous trips. Tour guests who have not previously participated in our group tour program will receive the package designated as “first visit” under the appropriate length of stay category. If a tour guest has previously participated in our group tour program, then he or she will receive a package based on the number of points earned during their previous trip.
A previous trip is defined as the most recent visit of the same type. For Example: If a guest comes in on a day bus on Monday, a 1 Night Stay on Tuesday and then a day bus again on Thursday, their package for Thursday will be based on their play from Monday.
In addition to our competitive promo cash package, all guests of our Group Tour Program will receive:

  • $2 discount on lunch
  • $3 discount on dinner

Want To Know More?
If you are looking to be a guest of our Group Tour Program and need information regarding participating tours in your area, please contact our Group Tours Coordinator at 800-682-6040 ext 2121.