Ask the Dealer: What Does “Split” and “Double Down” Mean in Blackjack?

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Blackjack is one of the most popular and exciting card games in the casino. It’s easy to learn how to play and how to bet. So, this month in our Ask the Dealer column, we’re featuring blackjack and how to play it. Here, our dealers will expertly answer your most-asked questions about how to play casino games and what tips they have for winning.
Blackjack, also known as “Twenty-One,” is a fast-paced but simple card game that requires some quick thinking and adding on your part to ensure you know what your next move should be. The house odds in Blackjack are lower than in other games; with some advanced strategies, you could win big playing this popular card game.

What Is the Object of the Game?

You are playing against the house or the dealer. You want to beat the dealer’s hand by getting cards that add up to as close to 21 as possible, but not over 21. If you go over 21, you lose automatically.

What Does Split Mean in Blackjack?

Good Question! If you hold two cards that are the same number in your hand, like two eights or two sixes, you can split them apart and play each one like two separate hands instead of one. Once you split your two cards into two hands, you’ll place your original bet with one hand and place an equal bet on the second, split hand.
You will play the hand to your right first. The dealer will give you a card when you ask for a “hit.” You will continue to hit until you are satisfied or you bust.
Then, you move to play the other hand and have the dealer hit you with cards until you say “stop” or you go over 21. If you go over 21, you lose your bet on that hand.
If you have a pair of aces and split them, the dealer will give you only one additional card per hand. You cannot draw again. If you draw a 10 on the second card, you have 21. Your winning hand pays 1:1, not 3:2 like other winning blackjack hands.

What Does Double Down Mean in Blackjack?

This is another excellent strategy question. On your original two cards, you can double your bet before the dealer gives you another card. You place another bet equal to the first. Then, the dealer will give you only one card The dealer settles all bets at the end of the hand.
If you have sevens, you can split a pair, as above, and double down if you want to.

Enjoy the Game

Be sure to ask a dealer if you have questions! And check back for future issues of Ask the Dealer, where we will likely talk about why you’d want to split or double down a blackjack hand and the deeper strategy behind these moves.
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