Big & Rich to Deliver a Big and Rich Time at the Island Resort & Casino

Big & Rich—they’re the whole package. Big Kenny and John Rich have toured the country, guitars blazing, gathering up several hits along the way. With a triple-platinum debut album under their belt buckles, they have managed to show that country and rock n’ roll go hand in hand. Big & Rich will bring their talent to the Island Resort & Casino stage for two shows on Friday, November 16th, and Saturday, November 17th.

It’s Always a Party … And Everyone Is Invited!

The two have gone their separate ways before, only to come back bigger and richer. They are known for their drive on stage, with hits that rock and lyrics that take you back to a simpler time. Their music brings everyone together; a party where everyone is invited. Fans enjoy many notable hits such as:

  1. Lost in This Moment
  2. California
  3. Look at You
  4. Funk in the Country
  5. We Came to Rawk

What Can You Expect From a Big & Rich Show?

Big & Rich are known for their ability to get the entire place jumping and singing along. And if that wasn’t enough, you can also expect Cowboy Troy to bring even more party to the stage. Fans who have heard the powerhouses in person say:
“It has been years since the world of country music has been rocked by anyone this good and willing to break the boundaries of the standards of country music.”
– S. Smith

“It’s refreshing when someone comes along and shakes things up, don’t you think? Big & Rich have done just that for country music. I love their audacity and their sense of fun.”
– Deborah

About Big & Rich

Big & Rich is comprised of vocalist and musicians Big Kenny and John Rich. John Rich got his start as a bass guitarist for the hit band Lonestar, with Big Kenny starting as a solo artist for Hollywood Records. In 2004, they released their first album together, “Horse of a Different Color” that produced four straight Top 40 country hits. Their next album, “Comin’ to Your City,” was released in November 2005 and produced two more Top 40 hits and another Top 20 single.
After these records, Big & Rich spent some time apart, working on solo projects such as The Celebrity Apprentice and charity work. But the two have since reconvened to produce four more studio albums, adding more hit singles to their already impressive record.
Visit Big & Rich’s website to learn more.

Show Details

Friday, November 16th

  • Time: 8:00 p.m.
  • Location: Island Showroom
  • Find seats online or call 877-475-7469 to order tickets by phone.

Saturday, November 17th

  • Time: 8:00 p.m.
  • Location: Island Showroom
  • Find seats online or call 877-475-7469 to order tickets by phone.