Build Your Own Steak Burger

Burgers on your mind?

Have you ever gone out for a burger but can never decide on which one to choose? Yeah, that’s an issue that seems to be on the rise. It’s either, hold the tomato or extra onions or no sauce. Who doesn’t dream about the perfect burger? You know, the type of burger that you can just put together yourself, with your choice of cheese, and your choice of toppings and grilled to your preference…It would be called “Build Your Own Burger”. That sounds about right, doesn’t it?
Take a lunch break and head to T. McC’s Sports Bar to make your burger building dream come true. For years, Build Your Own Burger has been a customer favorite for lunch and we are excited to bring it our sports bar for you to enjoy. Using perfectly marbled Certified Angus Steak Burger for each carefully crafted and tender burger – to your liking – the burgers are better than ever before! The Angus beef packs in so much juiciness that eat bite is a burst of quality flavor. Don’t forget that there are so many options to make your burger and a large selection of beers on tap.
It’s a perfect burger haven you won’t want to miss out on with a price you just can’t beat. Click here to check out the Build Your Own Bridges Burger menu.
Check out the T.McC’s menu here.

Build Your Own Burger with Onion Rings Side