Be Astounded, Astonished & Amazed With Champions of Magic

Champions of Magic at the Island Showroom

Champions of Magic will hit the Island Showroom stage for two nights of awe-inspiring illusion and magic on January 28th and 29th, 2022, beginning at 8:00 p.m. ET. One of the world’s biggest touring illusion shows, Champions of Magic will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Come See the Show That Has Sold Out Arenas Across the Globe

“A magic show worthy of our video game and Instagram times.”
—Paper City Magazine, Houston

“Spectacular family show…take a seat and prepare to be astounded, astonished and amazed.”
—Heart Radio

When you see Champions of Magic in action, you’ll agree with these amazing reviews from top critics. Featuring five talented and experienced magicians, the show has sold out shows across the globe and has been featured on every major US TV network.

5 World-Class Illusionists — 1 Incredible Show

Champions of Magic features a cast of five incredible magicians, each with their own unique skill set: Young & Strange, Alex McAleer, Kayla Drescher and Fernando Velasco.

Young & Strange is a duo that has been performing magic together since they were 8 years old. Now, they wow audiences across the globe via online videos that receive millions of views.

Alex McAleer, a UK native, can read minds. No, really. And this ability has garnered him media appearances on networks such as Good Morning Britain and NBC’s Access Hollywood.

Kayla Drescher comes straight from the US and has won multiple awards, including Magician of the Year. She also won David Copperfield’s “Search for the Next Great Magician”. Kayla uses ordinary objects to create magic tricks you’ll have to see to believe.

Fernando Velasco wows his audience with death-defying stunts and escapes. He’s also the youngest magician to perform Houdini’s water torture cell.

You can check out the team that Magic & Mentalism Review calls the “Avengers of Magic” for yourself by enjoying these clips:

Impossible Illusions & Marvelous Magic Tricks

During the show, you’ll witness firsthand a wide range of illusions. It’s an interactive show featuring predictions, levitation and incredible escapes. Spectators come and enjoy Champions of Magic over and over again to witness illusions that can’t be found in any other show.

The best part about Champions of Magic is its ability to appeal to all ages. It’s a family-friendly show all can enjoy.

Learn more about Champions of Magic by visiting their website.

See Champions of Magic at the Island Showroom

Come witness the wonder of Champions of Magic at the Island Showroom. This is a family-friendly event, perfect for magic enthusiasts of all ages. You can grab your tickets by purchasing online, by phone or at the box office.

Show Details

  • Dates: January 28th & 29th, 2022
  • Time: 8:00 p.m. ET / Doors open at 7:15 ET
  • Location: Island Showroom
  • Ticket Price: $38.00

Find seats online or call 877-475-7469 to order tickets by phone.