December 2019 Brewery of the Month – Petoskey Brewing

Petoskey Brewing Company has deep roots as a brewing business. The brewery’s home started off as the “Old Brewery” in 1898 and continued operating in that building, perfectly suited for brewing, until it closed in 1915. The building then served as a home for various retail shops and warehouses until 2012, when Patrick Dowd and Lou Gostinger purchased and completely renovated the space. Now, beer once again flows within the walls of the “Old Brewery” now proudly as Petoskey Brewing Company.

Enjoy five select brews from Petoskey Brewing all month long in December exclusively at 5 Bridges Pub!

Horny Monk: A deep reddish, malty and complex Belgian style ale. Very smooth and slightly sweet. 6.9% ABV
Mind’s Eye PA: Burnt cooper color and giant hop aroma come to the forefront in this traditional American IPA. 6.7% ABV
Juicy: Bursting with rich, mouthwatering citrus and tropical aromas, our New England IPA is a mix of juicy flavors. This brew is a smooth-sipping, immensely hoppy, crushable concoction. 5.7% ABV
Blueberry Crush: Blueberry waffle con cream ale. A very juicy blueberry taste combined with a strong blueberry aroma. 7.0% ABV
Super Trooper: We added a local bakery’s donuts and exotic coffee to this unique, medium-bodied brown ale. Enjoy its coffee aromas and flavors and a hint of doughiness on the palate. 7.3% ABV

Must be 21 or older to consume alcoholic beverages.
Valid in 5 Bridges Pub for December 2019 only. ABV = Alcohol By Volume.