Download our Mobile App!

The Island Mobile App is here!

We are very excited to introduce an optimal, streamlined and 100% mobile total Island experience! A project we have been working on for our valued guests and Island Club members has come to life and we are extremely excited and proud to share it with you. Receive $5 promo cash on your card for downloading and linking your Island Club account!

If you are confused on how to use the app, please visit our YouTube Channel for VIDEO WALKTHROUGHS. Click below.

Download links below!

(App Store or Google Play)

With our mobile app, Island Club member users are able to:

    • Check Island Club points.
    • Check promo cash balance.
    • Check available rewards.
    • Receive real-time offers (golf, meals, hotel and more).
  • Earn in-app achievements for FREE points, coupons and promo cash.

As well as access all the information you’ll need to contact, stay, play and dine at the Island! Just make sure to ALLOW NOTIFICATIONS and LOCATION SERVICES to receive messages, notifications and in-app offers! 

If you have not yet signed up for an Island Club card, you still can use the app to access all other information without rewards. If you are interested to sign up, please click here.

All Island information will be accessible at your fingertips when using our app, from our monthly promotions and events with dates, times and location to our dining options with our full menu and specials menu as well as casino game information complete with an INTERACTIVE SLOT MACHINE MAP and so much more!

We’ve made browsing our hotel rooms, suites and amenities straightforward with all the information you need to decide on which room you’d like to book. You will also be able to browse through our headline entertainment AND lounge entertainment with the option to “share” the event with your friends as a quick invite! Speaking of share with friends…we’ve also incorporated a “Refer a Friend” feature to help get your friends out at the Island and earning rewards with you!

Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? That’s because it is and the benefits of downloading and using our app doesn’t stop there. 

Go ahead and download the app (App Store or Google Play) and link your account today to receive $5 promo cash (allow up to 24 hours to show) on your card and explore all our pages and what our app has to offer to make your next trip to the Island the ultimate total resort and casino experience!

Happy mobile app-ing, we can’t wait to see you again!

Available on the App Store           



How To Download

1. Go to App Store or Google Play Store OR click on the icons above
2. Search “Island Resort”
3. Select Island Logo
4. Tap “Download” or “Install”

OR (if reading this on desktop)

1. Open your smartphone camera or download QR Code Reader App
2. Hover over barcodes shown above
3. Download from store

How To Link Your Account

(Shown on iPhone but applicable on all other smartphones)

1. Tap “Link Your Account”
2. Enter Player ID
3. Enter pin
4. Insert your Island Club email
6. Create password
7. You’re linked!

How to Sign In and Out

1. Tap “Sign In”
2. Type in your username (your Island email)
3. Type in your password
4. Tap green “Sign In” box
5. You’re in!
6. Scroll to the end of menu
7. Tap “Sign Out”
8. You’re signed out

Mobile App: How To Allow Notifications & Location Services on iPhone

1. Go to mobile phone Settings
2. Scroll down until you see Island Resort
3. Tap “Island Resort”
4. Tap “Location”
5. Select “Always” in order to receive in-app offers!
6. Go back
7. Tap “Notifications”
8. Toggle “Allow Notifications”
9. You’re set!

Mobile App: How To Allow Notifications & Location Services on Android

1. Go to mobile phone “Settings”
2. Tap on “Apps”
3. Scroll down until you see Island Resort
4. Tap “Island Resort”
5. Tap “Permissions”
6. Toggle “Location On”
7. Press “Back”
8. Tap “Notifications”
9. Toggle “Notifications On”

Mobile App: How to use the slot finder

1. Open Island mobile app
2. OPTIONAL: Log in to your account
3. Open the side menu
4. Select “Casino”
5. Press on “Slots”
6. Scroll to browse games or use the search bar to search for your desired game
7. Press on your desired game
8. Map will open and show you the location of the game
9. Use the zoom feature to see the general location of the game
10. Play and enjoy!

If you are having trouble with anything on the mobile app please call or visit the Island Club for further assistance – 800-682-6040 ext. 2126