Get Ready to Go Bonkerz on Blue Collar Comedy Night

Get your tickets for the Bonkerz Blue Collar Comedy Showcase on September 16, 2023!

Get twice the laughs when two of comedy’s biggest rising stars take the mic on the Island stage this fall. Josh Wolf and John Caparulo will have you spitting out your Coors Light as they deliver hilarious blue collar comedy for the everyman in all of us. Don’t miss their unique takes on life, liberty and the pursuit of weirdness.

Josh Wolf’s Weird Stories

“I love weird sh#t.” So says Josh Wolf before launching into the story of the best practical joke he ever pulled. Not for the faint of heart, Josh’s unique experiences involve the unusual, the unexpected and the always hilarious side of life.

Leave it to him to plumb the depths of what humans will do. From taunting zoo animals to hiring female wrestlers, expect to be amused, horrified and fully entertained.

Josh Wolf is a New York Times Bestselling Author, TV writer, podcaster and stand up comedian. His credits include numerous sitcoms including “Yes, Dear,” Will Smith’s “All of Us,” and “Cuts,” starring Shannon Elizabeth.

He was a regular guest and writer on the hit E! series “Chelsea Lately,” and you might also know him as the host of “Naked and Afraid.”

Learn more at and check out some of Josh’s off-the-wall storytelling:


The Cynical Wit of John Caparulo 

John Caparulo’s deadpan everyman delivery, subtle wit and cynical observations have been delighting crowds for more than 20 years. Like many great comedians before him, John flips everyday life on its head and wrings comedy from the mundane.

His stories of being a husband, father and citizen of Las Vegas are a goldmine of non-stop hysterical observations. Get ready for rapid-fire jokes and endless speculation about what we’re all doing here.

John was a regular guest on Chelsea Handler’s popular E! show, “Chelsea Lately,” He was the host of CMT’s “Mobile Home Disaster” and he has had comedy specials on Comedy Central and Netflix. After voicing “Headphone Joe” on Disney’s “Fish Hooks,” John began developing an animated series and comic book based on his life.

Check out to learn and watch some clips of the man at work:

Your Ticket to Laughs

Get your tickets to the Bonkerz Comedy Showcase today. You don’t want to miss a single quip, punchline or outrageous story from either of these brilliant (but slightly warped) minds.

Show Details

  • Date: September 16th, 2023
  • Time: 8 pm ET Showtime / Doors 7:15 pm
  • Location: Island Showroom
  • Ticket Price: $25.00