Help Us Build The Next Build Your Own Burger Menu

Who hasn’t tried one of the tantalizing ½ pound all beef patty that is the foundation of the build-a-burger at the 5 Bridges Pub? It’s all about the enjoyment and creativity that each of us enjoy when creating a piece of art out of our lunch or dinner. Everyone has a different approach when choosing the “base” of the sandwich, some of us go with an all beburgeref patty while others prefer the savory chicken breast.
The next step, we get to decide if our piece of art will have a delectable and creamy slice of cheese that can range from American to Smoked Gouda. Then comes the real creativity, we get to choose our toppings that will be the focal point of others to admire when our burger arrives. The toppings are endless and there so many combinations that can be assembled to make a unique burger. Some like to keep it simple and stick with the lettuce, onions and pickles, while others love to be daring and chose toppings such as Asian slaw or bourbon apples.
The final step can be the most difficult at time. How does one top off this work of art? Does Cajun Mayo work for the simplicity of a chicken breast with lettuce and onions or should we go with the daring peanut butter to top our beef patty and bourbon apples? The choice is simply yours!
Now what would you add to the Build-A-Burger list if you were given the chance? Would you add slices of avocado? How about chips to top your burger? What about a pretzel bun? Maybe you want something a bit more conservative like ranch dressing to finish your burger.
Our Chef, Mark Cardinal, is asking for your help in creating the new item list that will be available for the Build-A-Burger menu. How creative can you get? This is a chance to let your inner artist shine through. What would you suggest? Please reply through this blog or log on to our Facebook page to submit ideas for the items that you would like seen on the new Build-A-Burger menu.
In honor of National Cheeseburger Day on Friday, September 18th we invite you to stop by the 5 Bridges Pub and create a burger that only your inner artist can appreciate. Check out the extended menu and brainstorm on ideas that would compliment what we already have started as a tantalizing burger experience that no one else in town offers. Will you be the daring or conservative burger extraordinaire.