The Best Things in Life are FREE – April 2018

The days are getting longer which means there’s only so much time you have to dance the night away! See our lineup this month for Club Four One here.
All Live Band shows start at 8:30 PM – 1:15 AM EST.
All Comedy shows are on Sundays starting at 7:00 PM EST.
Admission is always free!

Comedian Gerry “The Human Jukebox” Grossman
– April 1
Gerry is a fabulously entertaining one man comedy rock and roll show, featuring tremendous audience involvement with a repertoire of thousands of hits. His medleys of crowd requested hits are woven around his incredible comedy in a performance that keeps every audience rocking with music and rolling with laughter. For over thirty-five years Gerry has been wowing audiences with his incredible ability to play virtually any old rock and roll hit, and doing it so that every crowd rocks with music, and rolls with laughter! You will be involved in one of the really fun times you can still have with your pants on!

Doug Allen
– April 5 – 7
The Number 1 Tribute to Johnny Cash, Nashville recording artist, performer and writer has traveled the US selling out shows and will be joining us at Club 41 on March 8, 9 and 10.

Comedian Mike Mercury
– April 8
As seen on Comedy Central, with John Egan.
An ear for turning everyday life into comedic gems, Mike’s smart observation humor, audience interaction and lightning-quick wit is a sure-fire hit with any crowd. Mike is one of the few entertainers with the versatility to succeed in just about any venue. So if you like comedy clean, quick and clever, you’re going to love Mike. 

Groove Inc.
– April 12 – 13
A groovy 1970’s inspired band! They will also be playing at the Island’s Disco Fever spring party on April 11.

Comedian Chris Cope
– April 15
As seen on Tosh.O, Greys Anatomy & Comedy Central with Tara Brown.
Ladies and Gentlemen clear off your plates; here comes the “Big Portion”. The nickname of Chris Cope holds two truths. First, he’s an extra large guy with an extra large sense of humor. Secondly, his comedy leaves you full, smiling and entertained.

Laurie Middlebrook Band
– April 19 – 21
A country music group from Freeland that grew over the years since Laurie herself started performing music at the age of 18. She has created so many great musician friends over the years performing all over Michigan. Laurie enjoys writing songs, recording albums and playing live music whenever possible so she formed the Laurie Middlebrook Band to capture the true meaning of performing live music. The band members have been playing and singing with other musicians over the years but have been performing with Laurie consistently for several years, dating as far back as 12 years.

Comedian Chris Young
 – April 22
As seen on myNetwork TV. Chris Young is able to take real life experiences and turn them into laughs that maintain a clean, but funny appearance. Chris’s luck (or lack thereof) have lead him to look at the world through a different set of glasses. Having once been called a pessimist by a fellow classmate “he replied simply, that he is not a pessimist, but an optimist; as he believes things could not get any worse!” He is a frequent performer at comedy clubs, colleges and casinos as well as corporate shows around the country. He was the winner of Detroit’s “That’s Funny” Comedy Contest on myNetwork TV.

– April 27 – 28
DRIVER is a working powerhouse Rock trio band. Based out of Northern Michigan’s Upper Peninsula as professional performing musicians through the 80’s, 90’s to present, they strive to deliver a great show each and every night. DRIVER marks their fourth year in November 2008 performing non-stop, entertaining the greater northern Michigan area and providing their listening audience with quality live entertainment and popular rock hit selections. Respectively achieving a stellar position as one of Michigan’s finest performing live Rock bands.

Comedian Dobie Maxwell
– April 29
As seen on The Late Late Show & Comcast Comedy Spotlight, with Steve DeClark. Bizarre luck and horrendous timing have followed Dobie since his birth.  Dobie has developed over the years into a strong and seasoned live performer who now headlines his own shows. His energy on stage and ability to vanquish hecklers are legendary. He has long been a “comic’s comic” but he has finally realized that its CUSTOMERS that pay cash for tickets, not other comics.