The Best Things in Life are Free – June 2016

Check out our complimentary entertainment for the month of June.
Lounge Entertainment
Club Four One
8:30 PM to 1:30 AM

Laurie Middlebrook Band
Laurie Middlebrook Band
June 2-4

Area Code
June 9-11

June 16-18

Tyler Stephens
Tyler Stephens
June 23-25
Tyler is a country music singer/songwriter from Eastern Kentucky who performs over 150 tour dates per year and has had the honor to work with some of the best songwriters, publishers, and musicians in the business.
At only 22 years old, Tyler has set his sights on a successful musical career and never plans to look back. With countless performances behind him, Tyler looks forward to sharing his songs and love of music with listeners for many years to come.
Tyler said a lot of people always ask him, “How have you made it this far in the business, at such a young age?” his reply is, “A lot of hard work; but, mainly I have family, friends, and fans to thank for everything.”  Tyler realizes the importance of his fans and strives to make them feel important at all times. He understands that they are the reason he can make a living doing what he loves. Tyler always takes the time after every show to meet and greet with every fan that wishes to meet him. Tyler concentrates on fans not being a number; but, building relationships with them.
Songs from Tyler’s album like “Freedom Don’t Come Free” are a prime example of the music Tyler stresses to deliver to fans. “Freedom Don’t Come Free” was released nationwide in October 2012 to more than 2200 radio stations in order to support Tyler’s vision of raising awareness to our veterans.  Since the release “Freedom Don’t Come Free” has become a great success for Tyler. The words “Freedom Don’t Come Free” have struck listeners all over the country to pay attention to why we are the land of the free.

Asphalt Cowboy
June 30-July 2

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