The Best Things in Life are FREE – November 2019

Stop by Club Four One for FREE entertainment Thursday through Sunday. There will be live band music and comedians all weekend long.

Bands are from 8:30 PM – 1:15 AM ET.
Comedians begin at 7 PM ET.

Grove, Inc. at Club Four One

November 1-2
Groove, Inc.

Brian Hicks at Club Four One's Comedy Night.

November 3
Comedian Brian Hicks

Brian is one of Chicago’s premier stand-up comics, performing at comedy clubs and concert venues all across the country. With his fresh upbeat style, Brian has astonished the comedy world with his thought-provoking views of what people find funny. He uses his act as a conduit to explore some of life’s less discussed topics and has been honing his craft for the past 12 years. He has the unique ability that combines his quick wit, audience interaction and clever material, which he delivers seamlessly. Brian has incredible instincts and an undeniable talent to make audiences laugh. Brian has appeared on Comedy Central.

Norton/Chartier & Co. Play Club Four One.

November 8-9
Norton/Chartier & Co*

Comedian Mike Mercury at Club Four One Comedy Night.

November 10
Comedian Mike Mercury

An ear for turning everyday life into comedic gems, Mike’s smart observation humor, audience interaction and lightning-quick wit is a sure-fire hit with any crowd. Mike is one of the few entertainers with the versatility to succeed in just about any venue. So if you like comedy clean, quick and clever, you’re going to love Mike.

Phil Vaught at Club Four One.

November 14-16
Phil Vaught

Comedian Dan Brennan performs at comedy night at Club Four One.

November 17
Comedian Dan Brennan

Dan Brennan is a versatile comedian who has opened for such acts as Jim Breuer, Mitch Hedberg, and more. A talented impressionist who delivers clever observational humor based on life experience as a family man and a working-class stiff. He has been featured on ABC’s America’s Funniest People and WLUP Radio.

Buick Junction at Club Four One.

November 22-23
Buick Junction

Dobie Maxwell performs at Comedy Night at Club Four One.

November 24
Comedian Dobie Maxwell

Bizarre luck and horrendous timing have followed Dobie since his birth. Dobie has developed over the years into a strong and seasoned live performer who now headlines his own shows. His energy on stage and ability to vanquish hecklers are legendary. He has long been a “comic’s comic”, but he has finally realized that its CUSTOMERS that pay cash for tickets, not other comics.

Tami & The Doctors play at Club Four One.

November 28-30
Tami & The Doctors