The Best Things in Life are FREE! – September 2018

Although our fantastic live bands have been taking over the weekends…we’re happy to announce that our Bonkerz Comedy Club Comedians are back in action too! Coming up in September we are welcoming back some hilarious and talented stand-up comedians as well as welcoming new faces! Browse below and we’ll see you on the weekends at Club Four One.
All shows are in EST.
Live bands start at 8:30 PM.
Comedians start at 7:00 PM.

Comedian Brian Green
– as seen on Comic View, with Mark Schneider
Sunday, September 2
With quick wit and improvisational skills, Brian’s timing is impeccable. Brian is a witty and animated humorist who delivers uniquely hilarious comedy. Much of his material deals with the differences and observations of today’s world through the eyes of a cynic.  Brian is popular among fans of all ages.  Brian has opened for celebrity comedians including Sinbad, Andrew Dice Clay, Billy Gardell, Drew Carey and Robin Williams.

Area Code

Thursday, September 6 – Saturday, September 8

Comedian Johnny Dam
– as seen on TMZ, with Jesse Huber
Sunday, September 9
Johnny Dam has been performing ever since he could utter a sentence.  As the resident class clown, he deprived his fellow students of any semblance of a public education, all in the name of comedy.  Fortunately, it didn’t stop there.  A native of Los Angeles, Johnny began his actual comedy career in December of 1991. After a six-week class at a community college, he delivered his first five-minute set and was hooked for life! Since then he has toured throughout the U.S. and Canada, traveled into war zones to entertain the troops, starred in a national commercial, produced and hosted his own 2x award winning radio show in the LA talk radio market, and written and directed two short films, one of which has won an award. He is the busiest comedian you’ve never heard of.  If he looks familiar it’s because you’ve probably seen him recently on TMZ Live where he is a regular commentator.  His shotgun-like delivery and scope of material has made him a crowd favorite among all ages and demographics.

Oz the Band

Friday, September 14 – Saturday, September 15

Comedian Lee “LA” Lycan
– as seen on FOX, with Jeff Jaffe
Sunday, September 16
At 6’5” tall, he has been dubbed “The Sears Tower of Comedy”.  He is guaranteed to liven up any party or event without wearing your lampshade on his head.  His act is creative, well-written, improvisational & always gets the audience involved.  LA has toured with Louie Anderson, Billy Gardell & Frank Caliendo.

Asphalt Cowboy

Thursday, September 20 – Saturday September 22

Comedienne Lang Parker
– as seen on Last Comic Standing and Beverly Hills, with Krains Butter
Sunday, September 23
Lang Parker is the funniest farm girl to hit the comedy circuit in a long time.  Audiences are doubling over with laughter when she tells how hard it is to be feminine when raised by a backwoods father and three brothers. Her idea of playing Barbie was to string her from a tree and shoot at her with a BB gun.  During appearance was on NBC “The Last Comic Standing”. Judge Buddy Hackett said to me, “You’re a star.” Then the son of a gun went and died on me. Now I can’t even put him in my DVD. This talented actress and comedian has established herself as a genuine and likeable voice in the entertainment business.

Norton/Chartier & Company

Friday, September 28 – Saturday, September 29

Comedian Bob Jay
– as seen on Comedy Central, with Ryan Mason
Sunday, September 30
This Chicago-based comedian is a master at voices and impressions, a skilled comedian and an all around crowd pleaser who can relate to any audience.  Be ready to be impressed!