We are Expanding!

The Hannahville Indian Community Tribal Council approved a $30 Million expansion of the Island Resort and  Casino to include over 100 hotel rooms. In response to high customer demand, the addition is to be connected  to the south end of the current eleven (11) story Palm Tower complete with three (3) guest elevators and lobby.  A high end dining venue as well as convention space are planned for the top floor. The expansion also  includes a pool with water park features for kids and young adults under 18.  

Bids were taken by the Island Resort management selecting Wisconsin firm Quintus 3D to lead the  architectural and engineering aspects of the project. They designed the Drift Spa, new hotel lobby and retail  space at the Island Resort & Casino and also work with many Indian tribes across the country. Iron Mountain,  MI firm, Gundlach Champion, was chosen to oversee the construction management of the project. They built  the Island hotel’s Sun Tower and 1998 expansion of the Casino along with the water plant and numerous other  Hannahville Indian Community projects.  

Engineering, design and bidding will be ongoing through spring of this year. Construction is scheduled to begin in June 2020 with expected completion during the 2021 calendar year.

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