Worry-Free Conferences

At Island Resort & Casino, our goal is to help you host a memorable conference that will bring your organization back year after year. How do we hope to reach this goal? By providing hands-on planning guidance ahead of the event and professional logistical support the day of.

We Hope You’ll Come Back Year After Year

To give you an experience that your guests will clamor for again and again, we will ensure we are here to address all aspects of your conference, including:

  • Food: Our catering team offers a diverse breakfast, lunch, dinner and appetizer menu, as well as a large beverage selection. We walk you through available options to help you select the appropriate fare for your event.
  • Activities: Beverage breaks and social activities are great ways to break up lengthy presentations. We offer advice on useful activities you can work into your conference agenda to keep your guests engaged.
  • Presentations: Speakers and multimedia presentations need technology support to be truly effective. We help identify your technology needs and put them in place before the start of the event to ensure a seamless flow of content.
  • Room arrangement: Some of our conference clients require lots of seating and tables, while others simply need space for attendees to move around. We help you identify the best furniture arrangements for each portion of your conference. As your conference progresses and your needs change, our staff will rearrange furniture to optimize the event space.

No Conference is too Big or too Small

Our facilities can be customized to host a few dozen to a few hundred people. Looking for an intimate workshop setting? Host your event on our patio, complete with pub tables and gas fireplaces. Need space for up to 600 people? We’ll customize one of our large event rooms specifically to your needs.

We host events of all lengths, including those lasting:

  • Hours: Choose a morning, afternoon or evening session for your next conference. Our flexible conference services allow you to customize the schedule, space and menu for your guests. We help you plan every detail to help you make the most of your time together.
  • Full days: Executing a full day event takes precision planning and an eye for detail. We offer the support you need to select and schedule meals, breaks and activities to keep guests entertained and informed throughout the day.
  • Multiple days: We are highly experienced at managing multiple-day events, involving various activities, room settings and meals. We’ll handle the logistics of your multi-day conference, including food, breakdown of room settings and more.

Host your next conference at Island Resort & Casino. To begin planning your conference, call our event experts at 1-800-682-6040 or contact us online today.

Plan Your Next Conference

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