The Jewett Invitational – No Limit Texas Hold’Em

Saturday, October 22, 2022 11:00 am

  • Saturday, October 22, 2022
General Information:
  • Qualifiers only – Must be one of 50 top live-action players from
    June 1, 2022 through September 30, 2022.
  • $1,000 House Added + $1,000 4K Added + $25 Bounties (start
    3rd level)
  • Lunch will be served
  • $10 Entry Fee
  • $20 Re-Buys
  • Receives $3,000 in Tournament Chips
  • Bonus chips will be awarded at the beginning of the 3rd level.
One Optional $10
Gratuity Add-On:
  • At buy-in only. Anyone may buy one
  • Receives an additional $1,000 in tournament chips
  • 1st two levels only (under $3,000 in chips)
  • Receives $3,000 in tournament chips
  • Double Re-Buy option after 2nd level
  • Anyone under $3,000 may buy two re-buys
  • Anyone $3,000 and over may buy one re-buy
Betting Structure:
  • First six levels are 20 minutes
  • Each level thereafter is 15 minutes
  • All bets must be no less than the big blind.
  • Based on payout scale +4 places.
  • 10 players with the most live-action that did not make the top 50
    will be designated alternates
  • If seats are available at 11am ET, they will be filled on a
    first come/first serve basis by names on the alternate list.
  • Bonus chips will be awarded to players in the top 50 for hours
    of live-action played in the qualifying period.

    • Positions 1-10: $7,000 Tournament Chips
    • Positions 11-20: $5,000 Tournament Chips
    • Positions 21-30: $3,000 Tournament Chips
    • Positions 31-40: $2,000 Tournament Chips
    • Positions 41-50: $1,000 Tournament Chips
  • Player must be an Island Club member to earn hours during
    live-action play to qualify for tournament.
6th$500-$1,000$1,000 BB Ante
Lunch Break
7th$800-$1,600$1,600 BB Ante
8th$1,000-$2,000$2,000 BB Ante
9th$1,500-$3,000$3,000 BB Ante
10th$2,000-$4,000$4,000 BB Ante
11th$3,000-$6,000$6,000 BB Ante
12th$4,000-$8,000$8,000 BB Ante
13th$5,000-$10,000$10,000 BB Ante
14th$8,000-$16,000$16,000 BB Ante
15th$10,000-$20,000$20,000 BB Ante
16th$15,000-$30,000$30,000 BB Ante
17th$20,000-$40,000$40,000 BB Ante
18th$30,000-$60,000$60,000 BB Ante
19th$40,000-$80,000$80,000 BB Ante
20th$50,000-$100,000$100,000 BB Ante
21st$80,000-$160,000$160,000 BB Ante