Island Club Terms & Conditions

  1. Island Club members include Island, Pearl, Gold, Ruby & Platinum.
  2. Member’s use of the Island Club card indicates acceptance of the conditions of the Island Club Program.
  3. All Island Club members must be at least 18 years of age.
  4. It is the responsibility of the Island Club member to ensure that their club card is inserted properly and accepted in the card reader.
  5. It is the Island Club member’s responsibility to present their card to the dealer when playing table games.
  6. Island Resort & Casino may not be held responsible for untracked play due to player negligence or improper insertion of the Island Club Card.
  7. It is the Island Club member’s responsibility to verify point balance with Island Club staff.
  8. Member’s benefits and points are non-transferable and may not be brokered, bartered or sold.
  9. Management reserved the right to adjust any point balance resulting from malfunction, operational errors and or fraud.
  10. Island Club membership may be revoked or cancelled at the discretion of management without notice; members must surrender Island Club cards upon request.

  11. Island Club members must earn a minimum of 1,251 points within their rolling year to maintain membership. Members with less than 1,251 points will be considered inactive and any points not redeemed with be cancelled.
  12. Adjusted promotional and bonus points will not be included when determining a member’s level.
  13. Redemption merchandise is subject to availability. The Island Club reserves the right to change or alter the redemption list without notice.
  14. Island Resort & Casino reserves the right to revise or cancel this program at any time without prior notice.