Blackjack Team Elimination Tournament

Sunday, May 26, 2019

11:00 a.m. Eastern
$120 Buy-in. * Maximum Capacity – 35 Teams *

Buy-In: Receives $5,000 in Tournament Chips

Optional $5 Gratuity Add-On:
At Buy-In Only – Receives an additional $500 in tournament chips.

1st Round 15 Hands $10 – $100 
2nd Round 15 Hands $25 – $200 
3rd Round 15 Hands $25 – $300 
4th Round 15 Hands $25 – $500 
5th Round 15 Hands $50 – $500 
6th Round 15 Hands $50 – $1,000 
7th Round 15 Hands $50 – $2,000 
8th Round 15 Hands $50 – $3,000 
9th Round 15 Hands $100 – $3,000 
10th Round 15 Hands $100 – $5,000

Number of Places Paid is Determined by Number of Entrants
1 – 6 Teams = 1 Place 100%
7 – 13 Teams = 2 Places 60/40%
14 – 20 Teams = 3 Places 50/30/20%
21 – 27 Teams = 4 Places 40/30/20/10%
28 – 34 Teams = 5 Places 40/30/15/10/5%
35 Teams = 6 Places 40/20/15/12/8/5%


– Tournament is 6-deck shoe blackjack.
– Elimination will start at the end of the 3rd round (based on the 
number of entries).
– Betting will rotate in turn, and must be done in a timely manner.
– Each team will carry their chips to the next round.
– Blackjack pays 2 to 1. No option for insurance for blackjacks.
– All prize money will be awarded to the player who wins it. The 
house will not participate in discussions about deals/chops.
– Prize money is based upon the number of participants (teams).
– All seats must be paid in full before the start of the tournament.
– If players are late or miss a hand, the minimum bet will be placed 
for every missed hand, and two cards will be received. Only those 
two cards will be counted as the hand. No decision(s) will be made. – The dealer will pay, take, or push based upon the two original 
cards dealt. 
– All ties will be determined by a playoff.
– All decisions made by the tournament director are final.

Team Play:

– Each team consists of two players.
– Players alternate rounds.
– One player per hand. No help/advice permitted.

Power Chips:

– Each team will receive 3 power buttons. They are:
– Fake Ace: Use as an “Ace” for the 1st Card (instead of receiving a 
1st card, the power chip will be placed and will act as an Ace).
– No Bust: The card that caused a bust will be void, and the hand 
will stand. No more cards can be taken.
– Double-Down Switch: Player can forfeit their double-down card, 
and receive a new one.
– Power chips are not transferable.
– Power chips can be used anytime in rounds 1 through 4.

This tournament is limited to 35 teams! Call to pre-register. 877-ISL-SHOW


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