Brewery of the Month – March 2019

We’re excited to announce Island’s Brewery of the Month, every month! Bringing you craft beers from select breweries from Michigan and Wisconsin.

Kicking off with Cognition Brewing Company, a brewery that thoughtfully handcrafts all of their beers to give the drinker quality flavor, aroma, appearance and top notch drinkability. We are featuring 5 delicious craft beers from Cognition throughout the month of March, available only at 5 Bridges Pub.

A new addition to the growing craft beer scene in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Cognition Brewing Company is located in the heart of the U.P. (Ishpeming) where local businesses and products have a great appreciation by the community.

Brewed in small batches in their 7-barrel brewery in the historic Mather Inn, Cognition’s beer is more than just a beverage, it’s an experience. With many different styles of beer available, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Cognition by definition means: the mental action of process of acquiring knowledge and understanding them through thought, experience and the senses. Cognition Brewing Company accurately reflects this definition throughout crafting their beers to completing the final product.

Look out on our social media for updates and more information about the featured beers.

We look forward to serving you soon. Cheers!

Featured Beers & Descriptions:

Gnome Wrecker – 6% ABV, 27 IBU
This is a pale beer with a great malt profile and aroma of citrus/subtle pepper as well as fruity esters. This beer is brewed with bitter orange peel, coriander and grains of paradise, which add a very unique but subtle spice note.

Deep Scream Cream Ale – 5% ABV, 16 IBU
Our cream ale has a pleasant malt character and a corn-like sweetness that contribute to the high drinkability of this beer. This is a clean satisfying ale that drinks like a lager and leaves you wanting more. When indecision and frustration set in when trying to find that perfect beer to satisfy your discerning palate, look towards the Deep Scream.

Beard Envy – 9%, 65 IBU
Beard Envy is a Belgian-Style ale brewed with a hop-forward approach. We’ve created an interesting beer, full of complex flavors and aroma. Idaho 7 and Sorachi Ace hops provide notes of lemon, honey, pine and tropical fruit layered over the fruit esters from our Belgian Ale Yeast Strain.

Neurosis Pils – 5.9%, 50 IBU
This is not your typical Pilsner. We put a hoppy spin on it and loaded this pils with plenty of Slovenian hops late in the boil to give this beer lots of piney and floral flavors and aromas. This is a favorite in our Tap Room. We hope you like it too.

Oblivion Milk Stout – 5% ABV, 30 IBU
This is a dark treat with notes of chocolate and roasted malt. It has a rich and creamy mouthfeel from the addition of lactose. Its lower ABV makes this a very drinkable stout and its attributes check all of the boxes.